Course medewerker marketing & communicatie / marketing and communications officer tweetalig (bol)

Communication - Work in the office - Market Research - Content writing - Information Management - Event organisation - Corporate identity - Website maintenance - Advertising - IBS

Description of the study programme

The study programme in a nutshell

Do you have commercial talent? Are you interested in advertising? Are you active across a wide range of Social Media? Then the Marketing and Communications Officer programme at Koning Willem I College is for you!

The program is different from most other mbo programs. Instead of the traditional base year followed by two years of profile work, your program of up to three years will be one whole track of marketing theory an practice.

You conduct market planning and market research. You learn how to write effective promotional material and you create communications plans. At the end of your program, you will join one or more real companies for 30 weeks of internship period. You also get theory explanations and projects, and general mbo subjects. 

Through exam projects at school and the internship you demonstrate that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue onto a hbo course or work in a challenging marketing and communications role.

Because of the structure of the program, all students will be given opportunities to accelerate their studies. It's a bilingual course in English/Dutch. Advantage of a Cambridge certification (B2 level) and EBBD excellent diploma.

Students are free to choose their own programs for tasks such as Desktop Publishing, Video Editing and Team Collaboration tools. Whilst these programs can cost money, we encourage our students to choose open source software, which is free of charge.

Every year our students have the option to join an international excursion to a major European city as part of their studies. These costs vary from destination to destination, so they will be informed on a case-by-case basis as and when the travel opportunities occur. Prices range between € 450,- and € 650,-.

Opleiding medewerker marketing & communicatie / marketing and communications officer tweetalig (bol) bij het Koning Willem I College

What can you do with it in the future?

As a Marketing and Communications officer you will have a diverse role. You assist with the creation of marketing plans. You are also involved in the creation of advertising campaigns, planning and conducting marketing research and informing the media about your product/services.

The role is usually within a company, and not limited to the private sector. This means there are often positions available in the public sector, and if you have an entrepreneurial mind-set you may find opportunities to set up your own agency in a specific industry you are familiar with.

There are also opportunities for Marketing and Communications officers in the events and entertainment industries.

You are an active and proactive professional. You take initiative and improvise where necessary. You are flexible and service-oriented. You enjoy working independently as well as part of a team.

What skills are required to start?

  • Vmbo-diploma (preparatory secondary education): vocationally oriented route, mixed educational route or theoretical route 
  • Transit certificate havo 3 to havo 4 
  • Related professional education level 3 
  • A test English with a sufficient result is mandatory to make before starting this education.

The internship

Have you completed all tasks we have given you? Are you ready to go out into the field and do some real marketing? Then you will complete a 30 week internship with a recognised business, abroad or within the Netherlands.

The intention is that you carry out all mandatory internship assignments; the creation of an operations plan, online and offline marketing and communication activities, conduct market research and create promotional material.

You are required to find a recognised internship placement. Search for a recognised company at

Further education

With this qualification you may progress onto a hbo course or associate degree.

How to enroll?

BOL = Beroeps Opleidende Leerweg (daytime vocational training). This means you come to school for five days a week (on average) and you have to do work placement.

  • Your registration will only be considered if you forward a xerox copy of the front and back of one of the following documents:
    o Passport
    o Identity card
    o Driving licence
    o Residence permit
  • If necessary you will be invited for an initial interview.
  • As soon as you have been enrolled as a student you will receive a confirmation together with an Education Agreement. Please sign it and send it back to us. This is mandatory! It is only then that you are enrolled at Koning Willem I College.
  • Do you still attend vmbo, mbo or havo? Then you should fill in a so called "transfer file" (doorstroomdossier). Ask your mentor or  student counsellor for it. The transfer file may be a reason for an initial interview. 

Study programme in numbers

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Study programme details

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