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FAQ Corona virus - English version

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6 October 2020

15:40 hours

When do you wear a mask at the Koning Willem I College?

A mask is mandatory when you move in the buildings. This means in corridors,

halls, stairs, toilets, canteens; when you are walking and not sitting at that moment.

A mask is mandatory in practice areas where it is necessary to be close to each other.

When don't you have to wear a mask?

During classes, students and teachers do not have to wear a mask. Except for practical lessons

where it is necessary to get close to each other.

You don't have to wear a mask if you have a seat in the cafeteria. When you get up and move you put your mask back on.

We assume that everybody brings their own mask. In case you forget your mask. You can buy a washable mask at a discounted rate of € 2,- each at the shops on the Vlijmenseweg and the Onderwijsboulevard.

A student or employee has tested positive. What are the measures?

When a student or employee of the Koning Willem I College is tested positive for the coronavirus, we will be in contact with the GGD (Dutch national health organization) about the appropriate approach. Their task is the source and contact investigation. If there is no indication of further contamination, we do not have to take any additional measures. If there is any reason to take additional measures, we will always do so in consultation with the GGD and possibly the regional safety board. We always follow the most up-to-date guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment(RIVM).

1.5 metres measure applies to all attendees at all locations.

At all locations of our college, everyone, students and staff, must keep 1.5 metres distance. By following this measure, we help to prevent the virus to spread. In this way, all lessons at home, at school or at the learning company may continue.

Will my lessons be at school or online?

This academic year you will take some lessons at the college and other lessons online from home. You will receive your schedule from the educational department you study at. On the KW1C app you will also find 5 videos that can help you. There are, for example, videos about how Microsoft Teams works or what online etiquette we have.

Are the locations of the Koning Willem I College open?

All locations of the Koning Willem I College are open for on-site education. Many of the lessons

are given online. All lessons, both online and on location, are listed in the schedule.

Is the online curriculum mandatory?

Yes, the online curriculum is mandatory. We expect you to join all lessons for the foreseeable future. Unless you're sick, of course. Then call in sick the normal way.

How do I know whether my lesson is being taught online?

All students receive information about this from their own educational department.

Can I use a locker?

Lockers can be used again. This applies to personal lockers and to day lockers. At the

Lockers  there is disinfection gel to clean your hands.

How do the ventilation systems work?

All ventilation of the Koning Willem I College complies with the regulations required by law. In most buildings we have modern systems where clean air comes in and the extracted air goes out. The systems are maintained throughout the year by a professional company.

If there is no ventilation system in a room, it should be possible to open a window, door or

ventilation grid. According to the current measures, this also ensures that there is sufficient ventilation.

When should I be quarantined?

Travel advice of various (holiday) areas of change 'colour'. If you have come back from an area that had or has an orange or red travel advice, then stay at home in quarantine for 10 days and don't come to  the college. This also applies when you don't have any complaints that look like corona or if a test shows that you don't have corona!

You should also be quarantined if you have a roommate with a fever, tightness of the chest or both

and wait for the results of the test. If the test is negative, you will return to school after you get the good results. If you get instructions from the GGD to stay at home, because your roommate has tested positive, then you stay at home and follow these instructions.

If you get any complaints during your quarantine and get sick, call in sick in the normal way.

What should I do when I have to be quarantined but I am not sick?

You just take the online lessons. If you have a class at the college but you are quarantined you report this at your educational department. You do this in the same way as when you call in sick. We register this as Corona Leave. Hopefully you can join the next online class. If you then have another lesson at school and still can't come because of your quarantine, you report this again. Discuss with your mentor what the possibilities are to keep up with your lessons as much as possible.

If you get any complaints during your quarantine and get sick, call in sick in the normal way.

Can we do our internships in companies in the Netherlands? 

The internships for the BOL (full time) –students should continue as much as possible. Obviously when government guidelines (e.g. in the hospitality industry) demand to cease activities, your learning company may no longer be able to provide you with work you can learn from. Also if you learning company cease activities you practise period will stop. 

As a student, you also have the right to temporarily not take a full time internship, when in your opinion this leads to a risky situation. When you interrupt your internship yourself or  when your internship is stopped because of Covid regulations, please contact your internship coordinator at your educational department or your mentor. You may have to a practical period later, sometimes unfortunately, this can lead to a longer training period. If you are doing your internship in a crucial sector and you are asked to come and help extra, this could very well be possible. Please contact your educational department or your mentor. For the time being, internships outside the EU are not yet possible. Depending on a changing situation, this advice could be updated. At the end of October 2020, if necessary, we will come up with new guidelines. 

What is the current policy since 20 August 2020 for an internship abroad in connection to Corona? Due to the unpredictable and rapidly changing international situation, it has been decided that no new international traineeships and activities will be launched until 1 November 2020. [1]

Internships for which preparation has already started before the summer holidays and the internship place meets certain criteria, can take place if the student chooses to do this himself. The decision to do the practise period abroad should also be in accordance with your mentor or  teachers from your Educational Department. 

The internship abroad has to meet the following criteria:

•      The country is within the European Union [2]

•      A positive travel advice applies for this country on basis of colour-coded green/yellow according to travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs[3]

•      The internship activities and/or work can be carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM and the local guidelines

•      Housing is arranged according to the corona guidelines

•      The internship is in line with the requirements of the Corona protocol foreign traineeship. In the case of conflicting provisions, the provision of this Policy takes precedence. 

In addition, the following principles apply: 

•      Students always ensure, in consultation with the educational department of the college, that a plan B, an alternative practise place, is available. 

•      The student is aware that doing an internship abroad carries risks. 

•      Any consequences of an early ending of the internship are for the student. 

•      Travel by train or private transport is preferable because of the flexibility of travel. 

•      The student must be able to travel safely to the destination without transferring to a country with a negative travel advice [4]

•      Transport from your living accommodation to your practise company can be arranged.

[1] Individual international activities for employees are possible in consultation with the senior manager of the educational department. The criteria also above also apply here. 

[2] The exception to this is Curaçao, depending on a changing situation this advice may change. A new advice will be provided in the week of 12 October, if necessary. 


[4] Check

 for up-to-date information on entry and exit restrictions. Please also take this into account if you are travelling and if there is a transfer necessary. 

Do internal internships (i.e. at the college) continue? 

For our internal interns, our locations are open to students. This also applies to all trainees of MBO Training School 's-Hertogenbosch.

What happens to requests for an extra internship period? 

The requests by internship companies for an additional internship period (e.g. in care and childcare) is coordinated by the Safety Region and is done on a voluntary basis. We still need to find out the consequences of this for exams and teaching hours. For BBL (part time) students the practical period can continue, provided that the learning company allows and acts according to the guidelines of the government and the RIVM. Whether to continue a practise period in the learning company is initially assessed by the learning company itself and by the student, who works as an employee in the learning company.

Should students who experience delays in graduation due to the corona situation simply pay course fees or tuition fees in 20/21? 

Yes, students simply have to pay course fees or tuition fees. But there is a compensation scheme from DUO (Dutch service for the execution of the Education). This arrangement means: Anyone who obtains a diploma in the period from September 2020 to January 2021 will receive a one-off amount equal to a maximum of three months of tuition or course fees. This amount is paid to the student to compensate for costs. For a BBL student this amount is a maximum of € 150.00 and for a BOL-student a maximum of € 300.00. If the student's details are known to DUO, the student does not have to do anything to get the amount. The amount will be paid by 31 March 2021 at the latest. More questions about financial arrangements? Check the website of DUO.

What can you do? 

Always follow the current measures of the RIVM to prevent the spread of the virus. 

This means: 

•      Often wash your hands with soap and water, then dry hands well. 

•      Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow. 

•      Use paper handkerchiefs to blow your nose and then discard them. 

•      Do not shake hands. 

•      Keep 1.5 meters away (2 arm lengths) from others. 

When you have any symptoms that match the coronavirus? Then stay at home and contact the GGD to get tested. Until the results of the test are known, you must stay at home.

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The International Office supports all activities within an international context. Staff members can help you in English with all your questions.

Call: +31 736249690/736249790

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For the development of this 'new education', the Koning Willem I College has set up a separate organization – The School for the Future. Here high-quality technology and purposeful creativity form the basis for trail-blazing learning processes. In addition The School for the Future facilitates and organizes training sessions, workshops and seminars for faculty and staff of the Koning Willem I College and for other professionals in education.

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