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Mission Statement and Vision Statement
* Mission: The student's success is the reason for our being
* Vision: Just a great school

* We are a community college
* We count all talents
* We consider creative thinking a core competence
* We strive for mastery learning
* We go for a better world

Central to the community
Our students are not left alone in the dark, they can always meet up with others - inside the college with fellow students, staff and faculty, and outside the college with companies, institutions and other organisations. Koning Willem I College is a true Community College - not an educational island, but a dynamic central point in intramural and extramural learning processes. The college is constantly moving forward, while maintaining a strong social involvement, which is an important motivator for doing everything in the service of the community.

School for the Future®
The educational renaissance of the 21st century will be built on two pillars: creativity and technology. For some time now education has no longer been just a question of knowledge transfer and one-sided attention to logical and analytical thought processes. Today, education is recognised as a process that involves emotions, interaction between the senses and creative thought processes. For the development of this 'new education', Koning Willem I College has set up a separate organization - School for the Future. Here high-quality technology and purposeful creativity form the basis for trail-blazing learning processes. In addition to all that School for the Future facilitates and organizes training sessions, workshops and seminars for faculty and staff of King William I College and for other professionals in education.

The best a school can be
Koning Willem I College aims to be a school that guarantees students a pleasant, comfortable, well-planned, and safe stay. To achieve this, social control plays a major part. Also, the college has an anti-racism statute and is extremely alert for teasing and truancy. Furthermore, all buildings are non-smoking, pupils and staff work together to keep the buildings clean, and there is a code of behaviour for both students and teachers. Our college demonstrates a positive distinction from average schools, not only on account of our good examination results, but also by our well thought-out and inspiring educational vision, and our focus on values and norms. In other words, the best a school can be.


School for the Future

Where students and staff prepare for the future.

Koning Willem I College


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