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Koning Willem I College is the place where talent blossoms.
A place where the most beautiful things grow, because we experiment, inspire and above all: do.

Bricklaying, papering, cooking, caring, sewing, welding,
cleaning, organising, painting, managing, coding,
carpentry, designing, serving, educating and much more.

With us a student doesn’t sit in a classroom all day.
We bring the work field inside and the education outside.
For the region that is proud of these talents and would like to keep them.

You will find our education everywhere. At the IT desk, the robotics lab,
in our restaurant, outside on the streets, in our garages,
at the pharmacy around the corner or in our own theatre. You see our students everywhere!

We teach our students that there is only one future and that future is sustainable.
For that reason, we challenge them to bring out the best of themselves and of their environment.
To develop envious skills, which we can all use eventually.
Skills that make us proud of who we are and what we do.

You recognise one at once:
‘That is a student of Koning Willem I’.

The region

Koning Willem I College is located in the northeast part of the province Noord-Brabant (North-Brabant). A province in the south of the Netherlands. About 660.000 people live in this region. Two-thirds of the inhabitants also work in this region. Most jobs are in the agri-food, high-tech & data, logistics, trades, construction industries and bioscience. Wherever it is possible we collaborate with these sectors and join them with education. This way we offer our students the best possible education and a better chance on the job market.

Qualifications and levels 

Dutch vocational education is divided into five skill levels or so-called ‘qualification levels’, as shown below. 

  1. Assistant training for a trade with simple operational tasks
  2. Basic vocational training for a trade involving a range of operational tasks
  3. Vocational training for the independent professional
  4. Middle management training and specialist training
  5. Higher management training in a professional field

Koning Willem I College runs courses at the first four levels. Students can enter and move on from courses at all levels. If they have completed qualification level 4, they can move on to higher professional education (bachelor degree). 


We offer our students and employees a variety of international activities. For example one could do an internship or study abroad, we organise exchanges and do projects abroad as well. We work together with international partners on these matters. 

Our international partners are schools, companies and government institutions from all over the world. For instance we work together with schools in Germany, France, Finland and the United Kingdom. It goes without saying that we are open to collaborating with other schools as well. 

Besides our international partner schools, we also work together a lot with (international) businesses and companies. These businesses and companies are extremely important to the education we offer. We work together by doing exchanges with our students of our international partner schools and the businesses. A unique opportunity for students to gain international experience. 

International Office 

The International Office is responsible for all international activities within Koning Willem I College. 

You can contact the International Office via phone number +31 (0)73 624 9 690 or [email protected]. 

Education and integration 

Are you looking for information on Education? Please visit this page.
Note: the information is only available in Dutch.

Are you looking for information on Integration? Please visit this page.
Note: the information is only available in Dutch.

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