E-commerce specialist tweetalig

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E-commerce specialist tweetalig

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Niveau 4
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The business landscape is transforming. Organisations change rapidly. Current events have pushed online sales to a top level over the past two years. Therefore, the current field of business requires new technology, knowledge and skills. The E-commerce specialist course is a bilingual program. All of the business related topics are offered in English. Koning Willem I College has developed this course based on the latest knowledge, in collaboration with its business partners.

As an E-commerce specialist student you will be solving problems related to e-commerce, sales and marketing topics that organisations are facing today. You will be working on solving these problems, together with your fellow students while working on life business cases (projects). The newly gained knowledge can be applied immediately, while working in 'real' e-commerce environments. During the program the following topics will be covered: online marketing, project management, webshop management, customer service, entrepreneurship & business development, graphic design and data driven leadership.  

Our enthusiastic, international team of experienced coaches will be working with you during the course. All of our coaches have earned their stripes in either the field of business or education: they know what they are talking about when talking business.  

As an E-commerce specialist graduate, you will most likely be working for small or medium sized enterprises in jobs that are closely related to sales and marketing. More of an enterprising person? The E-commerce specialist program also equips you to start your own business.  

The (mandatory) internship element of the course provides the opportunity to become a trainee of an actual company, often with the possibility to be hands-on with the daily tasks, demonstrating and developing skills whilst achieving real-life work experience for the resume! It is possible to do your internship abroad. The costs for an internship abroad varies. 

Please note:
1. Only companies listed on www.stagemarkt.nl are approved for our internships.
2. In order to achieve the EBBD, an internship abroad is required. 

Do you want to enroll for this course? Select ‘Aanmelden voor deze opleiding’ and follow the steps.

More information about the enrollment process can be found here.

The E-commerce specialist program offers the opportunity to be awarded with a Certificate of Excellence: the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD).

Costs do not include costs for a laptop.

Wat zijn de toelatingseisen?

  • Vmbo-diploma (preparatory secondary education): vocationally oriented route, mixed educational route or theoretical route 
  • Transit certificate havo 3 to havo 4 or vwo 3 to vwo 4
  • Related professional education level 3
  • A test English with a sufficient result is mandatory to make before starting the education 

Welke vervolgopleiding kan ik doen?

National and international bachelor studies.

Wat zijn de studiekosten?

Verplichte kosten
Ministerie (lesgeld) € 1357,-
First year € 150,-
Second year* € 350,-
Third year € 0,-
*Including costs for Cambridge Assessment English

Lesgeld (jaarlijks) is verplicht wanneer je op 1 augustus van het nieuwe schooljaar 18 jaar of ouder bent.

Vrijwillige kosten
Excursion (in first, second or third year) ± € 450,-

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