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1st April 2020

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Do domestic internships continue?

Full time students
Full time-internships will continue as much as possible, unless the government guidelines stipulate differenty (such as in the hospitality industry). If the company ceases the activities itself and/or can no longer guide you, your internship will also stop. As a student, you also have the right not to attend a full time-internship temporarily, if in your opinion, this leads to an unsafe situation regarding your health. If you pause your internship or have to stop your internship, please contact your coordinator at our College or the BPV(internship) consultant. You may have to do the internship later, unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to a longer school period. If you are doing an internship in a crucial sector and you will are asked to come and help extra, this can be possible. Please contact your contact/mentor at our College.
Part time students
BPV, the practice period, can continue, provided that the company you are working and learning in allows and acts according to the guidelines of the government and the RIVM. Whether or not the practice period in the company you are working and learning in is primarily for assessment to the company itself and to the student, who is working as an employee in the company.

Will students who do an internship return from abroad?
All students who did internships abroad are already back.

What about graduation?
No graduation will be organized until 28th April.
Will internships at the College continue?
The locations of Koning Willem I College are closed, also for our interns. This also applies to all trainees of MBO Training School 's-Hertogenbosch.

What happens to requests for extra internship time?
The request of internship companies for additional internship time (e.g. in care and childcare) is coordinated by the Safety Region and is voluntary. We still need to work out the consequences for exams and educational hours.

Until when will the school be closed?
The cabinet has now decided that the schools will be closed until Tuesday 28th April. We will continue to provide distance education.
Does this mean that lessons are not given?

The lessons at the locations are not given. Where possible, we offer lessons online. For this we work together with other MBO schools. The possibilities vary from one educational department to the other. The primary goals is to make learning  possible as much as possible.
What about lessons in practical subjects?There are training courses for which distance learning is particularly difficult. This is especially true for courses with many practical subjects. In these courses we look whether theoretical subjects (which can be given online) can be highlighted in the curriculum. The practical subjects that cannot continue will not take place up to Tuesday 28th April.

Is the online curriculum mandatory?
Yes, the online curriculum is mandatory. We expect you to continue to participate in the curriculum for the foreseeable future. Unless you're sick, of course. Then report sick in the normal way.

How do I know if my lesson is being taught online?
From 16th March on, all lessons organized online will continue. All students receive information from their own educational department. Check the timetable on your KWIC app.  

Will my exam take place?

th April 2020, the King William I College will not organize a single exam. In the period from 7th  to 28th of April, we only take exams in exceptional situations. Our starting point is that the quality of the exams and the safety of our students and examiners is safeguarded. That's why we only take exams that we can organize online. Students are told by their own department exactly which exams this is about. Exams for students who can obtain their diploma this year are given priority.

Furthermore, the national exam for arithmetic for students who can obtain their diploma this year will not go ahead unless the student indicates to want to take the exam. If the arithmetic exam has already been taken, the grade will be on the results list. This also applies to scores that have already been obtained for ‘Keuzedelen’.

The national exams for our VAVO (general education) students will not be organized. The results of the school exams count towards obtaining the diploma.

What are the consequences for me?

Right now, we're charting the consequences. Of course, we do our utmost to make sure you get the chance to take your exams at a later date. For students who can get their degree this year, we have extra attention, so that they have the opportunity to take exams in time to obtain their diploma.

Can I still pick up my stuff?

Can I still submit (practical) exams at one of the locations? And can I pick up any more exams?Handing in exams and picking up exams is not possible before 28th April.

Depending on developments all measures mentioned above might be continued.

Check this site regularly for new updates!

Stay healthy and take care of each other!

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